Walking Netball Brisbane

Walking Netball is a fully inclusive sport that welcomes peoples of all ages, regardless of ability or fitness levels. It’s a great way to stay active with minimal risk of injury, increase fitness and meet a bunch of new friends.

What is Walking Netball?

Walking Netball is a slower version of the game, it is netball, but at a walking pace. The game has been designed so anyone can play, regardless of age, ability or fitness levels. We encourage anyone that is looking for fun, laughter and fitness to come along and try Walking Netball.

Action shot of Walking Netball in Brisbane

Walking Netball is all about laughter, participation and friendships

It’s more than just playing a game once a week.

It’s a community of people that have chosen to get off the couch and re-engage in the sport they loved as a child.

Many participants are dealing with health and life challenges and we are proud to be running a program that is supporting their physical, social and mental well-being.

We are seeing strong friendships forming on and off the court. For many of our participants, Walking Netball is the highlight of their week.

Walking Netball Rules

1. No running or jumping – one foot must be on the ground at all times

2. Four seconds to throw the ball

3. You get an extra step so you dont have to stop so suddenly

4. You must be four feet away before you can defend your player

5. The centre pass will be taken by the opposite team that scored the goal

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“The hardest part about Walking Netball is being brave enough to walk through the door, but once you do, you will be welcomed by lots of smiles and a bunch of new friends. I encourage people of all ages to come and try Walking Netball.”

Rhonda Newton, Walking Netball Coordinator.